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    Community Job Postings

    By Laura Gillen on

    SatSummit is committed to helping the community by getting good people to the right opportunities. We’ll update this thread with job opportunities we think...

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    A Sustainable Planet

    By Ian Schuler on

    Resilient and sustainable societies require immediate feedback on their activities in their environment. To make real progress toward Sustainable Development Goals, the global development...

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    Welcoming Diversity to the Industry

    By Brynne Morris on

    SatSummit 2017 fell just days after President Trump announced his travel and immigration ban. As Eric Gundersen, CEO of Mapbox, kicked off SatSummit 2017...

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    My First SatSummit Experience

    By Steven Ramage on

    I attended my first SatSummit in Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago and it was only the second ever SatSummit. It was fabulous. Open....

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    Nemo Semret, CTO, Gro Intelligence

    By Laura Gillen on

    Nemo shared his perspective on agricultural data from around the world for “A Sustainable Planet” and how Gro Intelligence is using “Clews,” a web-based...

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    SatSummit Launches and Commitments

    By Laura Gillen on

    The SatSummit community never stops launching. We are tracking all of the announcements and commitments made during SatSummit. Let us know if we missed...

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    SatSummit Insights

    By Laura Gillen on

    Welcome to SatSummit Insights – a forum for the key recommendations and actions to come out of SatSummit. This space will provide recaps of...