Anne Miglarese photo


Anne Miglarese

CEO, Open Imagery Network

Anne Hale Miglarese is the CEO of Open Imagery Network. She previously served as President and Managing Director of Fugro EarthData, Inc., a company specializing in airborne mapping, remote sensing and GIS services. Ms. Miglarese directed remote sensing and GIS programs for ten years as Chief of the Coastal Information Services branch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Coastal Services Center. Her career started in the private sector as an environmental consultant and regulatory compliance specialist for the Clean Water and National Environmental Policy Acts. She served for numerous South Carolina agencies, including the Department of Health and Environmental Control, the Water Resources Commission and the Department of Natural Resources. She is active in national policy governing spatial data, serving as past chairman of the Federal Geographic Data Committee’s Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Subcommittee. She serves as Co-Chairman of the NSGIC corporate leadership council. She served as Chairwoman of the South Carolina State Mapping Advisory Committee. She has been Director of TerraGo Technologies, Inc. since May 2008. She served as Board Member of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association. She serves of the board of MAPPS. She was a Founding Member of the National States Geographic Information Council. Ms. Miglarese holds a B.S. and M.S. in geography from the University of South Carolina.